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How do I know if my pet owner's service has been booked?

A service is officially booked once the owner successfully submits payment and you've accepted the booking request. To confirm that a service has been booked, check:

  • Your email inbox. When you successfully book a stay, you and your pet owner will receive a confirmation email.
  • Your Rover inbox: The Upcoming bookings section will display new bookings. Past bookings will show previously booked stays.

Confirmation email

Your confirmation email will have the subject line, “Confirmed: [Pet's name]'s upcoming booking from [Stay dates].” 


Rover inbox

Future stays will appear in the Upcoming section of your inbox. Completed bookings will appear in the Past bookings section. Here's how to get to your inbox from a computer:

1. Select the conversation icon.

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2. Select Upcoming bookings or Past bookings.

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If you don't see a specific booking in either of these sections, check the Pending Request and Archived requests sections of your inbox. If your request appears here, then it hasn't been booked yet. Make sure you do the following:

  • accept the booking
  • have your pet owner submit payment

To learn more about the booking process, check out this article.

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