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How do I add and edit photos on my profile?

Photos are an important part of your sitter profile on Rover—and let’s face it, pics of pets and their humans are just plain cute too. In this article, we’ll go over how to:


Add photos

Great photos are clear, well-lit, and include smiling and faces and happy pets. For tips and tricks on taking great photos, check out this tutorial. Here’s how to add photos to your profile:


Update your profile picture

Your profile photo will appear next to your name in search and in Rover Messages when you're communicating with pet owners. We recommend adding a clear, well-lit photo of your face.

  1. To add a profile photo, click here.
  2. Select Upload Your Photo. Choose a photo from your device that's about 400x400 pixels.
  3. Crop your photo as needed. Select Add.
  4. Scroll down and select Save & Continue. You’re all set!

Update your additional photos

We recommend high-resolution (at least 750x500 pixels), well-lit photos of your smiling face, your pets, or home. Additional photos give pet owners a sense of who you are and how you’ll care for their pets.

  1. Click here to get to the Gallery Photos section of your account.
  2. Drag an image into the image uploader, or manually upload an image from your computer. You can add as many photos as you like, but we recommend uploading at least 4 images. 

3. When finished, select Save & Continue.


Rearrange photos

The image in the first position within your gallery photos will be the largest one displayed on your sitter profile. You can rearrange the order of these photos at any time by selecting an image within the gallery and dragging it to the desired position. Make sure you save your changes.



Edit photo captions

You can tell pet owners about your photos by adding captions. Rover Tip: Keep captions short, positive, and friendly to make a good impression on pet owners.

1. Navigate to your profile by selecting your name and then Profile.

2. Locate the Sitter Profile section and select Photos.

3. Hover your cursor over a photo and select the pencil icon when it appears.


4. A pop-up window will display your photo and a spot to type in a caption. Write your caption and select Save Caption. You’re all set!


Delete photos

To completely remove an image from your gallery, hover over the image and select the trash icon. Confirm your changes by selecting Yes.


Hide stay photos 

If you want to hide specific photos from a stay, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to your inbox by selecting the envelope icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

Navigate to your inbox by selecting the envelope icon in the upper right corner
  of your screen.

2. Locate the booking containing the photo you want to remove.

3. On the left side of the page under Information about this booking, select the pet's profile.

4. Select the photo you’d like to hide, and then select Hide Photo.


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