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How do I get paid for bookings?

The Payments section of your account allows you to view funds for completed bookings. Payments for bookings will appear in your Rover account 2 days after you successfully complete a service.

Payments for completed bookings are automatically deposited to your bank account. Your payment will be transferred to your bank account within 3-5 working days after completing a service.

Adding Bank Details to Account
Payout process
View payment history


Adding Bank Details to Account

If you haven’t added your bank details to your Rover account, follow the steps below.


  1. Visit the payments section of your account here.
  2. Select Add Bank Account.

  3. Enter your bank account details and identification information.


Rover App:

1. Tap the More icon in the Rover app.


2. Tap Payments.


3. Select Manage Payout Methods.


4. Tap Add a bank account.


5. Enter your bank account details.


6. Once you’ve filled out the form, tap Submit.


Payout process

Two days after you complete a service, the funds will appear in the Processing Payments section on your dashboard. Once that happens, our payment processor Stripe will automatically transfer the funds to your bank account via direct deposit. The timeline to reach your account will depend on your bank’s processing times, but it goes from one to two business days.

When the funds are transferred to your bank, you'll see a ‘Fulfilled’ status on the Payments tab of your payment history.

The fulfilment date indicates when Stripe initiated the transfer to your bank account. Most banks deposit these funds into your bank account as soon as they’re received, but in some cases, it can take up to 5 business days to see the funds in your bank.


View payment history

  • To view your payment history from the Rover app, tap More > Payments. Scroll to the bottom to view your payment history.
  • To view this information from a computer, select View Payments & Promo Codes from your dashboard.

Your payment history shows all of your completed bookings, payments for services, payouts of earnings, and your payout history by year (that's important for tax purposes).


Important: Booking and getting paid through Rover is required per our Terms of Service. Never accept cash or checks as payment—this can expose you to fraud, get your account flagged for suspension, and make your stays and walks ineligible for the Rover Guarantee and dedicated support.

Have questions? We're here for you! Contact Rover Support at +448082812524. Or, submit a help request by navigating to the bottom of any page in the Help Center and selecting 'Get help'.