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How do I set my status to Away?

Away mode allows you to take a break from your sitting and walking services on Rover. When you turn on Away mode, you won't be visible in search results for that service. This setting is useful when you're unable to respond to requests—like during a well-deserved vacation.

Here's how to manage this setting:

1. Sign in to your Rover account, then click here to get to the service management page.
2. Select each service you want to manage, then use the toggle button to set yourself as Away
3. Scroll down and select Save


Additional information 

Keep in mind that if you frequently don't book requests you receive for days you're available, some of your services may be automatically set to Away mode. This is why it's important to keep your calendar up to date. To learn more about keeping your profile and services active, visit this article from the Rover Blog.


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