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How can I get help finding a sitter?

Busy schedule? Need a last-minute sitter? Have a dog with special needs, or a puppy that could use some extra TLC? Rover Support will help you find the sitter of your dreams, at no extra cost to you.

How does it work?

  1. Call our Rover Support team at +44 808 281 2524 or contact us here to get started.
  2. We’ll ask you a few questions to create a Rover profile for you, and get to know you and your pet.
  3. We’ll favourite sitters to your account or start conversations with sitters in your area we think would be a great fit.
  4. You log in and decide which sitter would be the best fit for you and your pet. From there, you can keep the conversation going and book once you've found your perfect sitter.




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