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How do I contact a sitter or dog walker?

So, you’ve found a great sitter or dog walker on Rover and want to start a conversation. Here’s how to get the ball rolling:


1. Go to the sitter’s profile and select the Contact button. (If you're using the Rover iPhone app, select contact this sitter. On the Android app, select the pencil icon.)


2. Fill out the pop-up form. Include which service you'd like to book, as well as the date range, your dogs, time of service, and a message for the sitter.


3. Call or text the sitter or dog walker using their Rover number. Rover numbers allow pet owners and sitters to call and text each other while keeping their actual phone numbers private. Unique Rover numbers are assigned to each pet parent/sitter relationship.

4. Ask the sitter or dog walker to schedule a Meet & Greet. That’s your chance to get to know them in person and make sure they’re the right fit for you and your dog.

5. After a successful Meet & Greet, either you or the sitter can select Book It Now from your conversation on Rover. Once both you and the sitter or dog walker have accepted, the service is booked.


Rover App:

  1. On the sitter’s profile, tap Contact this Sitter.
  2. Choose what type of service you’d like.
  3. Tap Dates to choose when the service will begin and then when it will end.
  4. Select which pets you’d like to book. Toggle the circle next to your pet’s name to green to add your pet to the booking.
  5. Select whether you’d like to receive a text response.
  6. Write a message to your sitter--go ahead and introduce yourself, your dog, and tell the sitter why you’d love for them to care for your dog.
  7. Tap Send Request or the white arrow in the upper right corner of the screen to send your request.

Note: To protect sitter and dog walker privacy, we don’t provide personal contact information until service is booked. Plus, you can send all your messages through the Rover site or app, even after your stay is booked—it’s that easy.

Booking through Rover not only keeps your account in line with our Terms of Service, it also gives you 24/7 support, the Rover Guarantee, and a secure, convenient way to pay.

Take a look at our Meet & Greet Checklist for Dog Owners and related articles about bookings and payments to learn more.


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