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How do I edit service dates?

You can easily do this from the Pending Requests section of your inbox within the Rover app, or from your computer. From here, you can edit the following:

  • Dates
  • Pets
  • Price
  • Number of walks/drop-ins per day

Rover app

  1. Open the request.
  2. Tap the green 'Modify' button.
  3. Make adjustments, then tap 'Save' (on iOS) or the 'Send' arrow (on Android) in the upper right corner of the screen.


  1. Select the request you want to edit from your Pending Requests folder.
  2. In the grey box on the left, select 'Modify request'.
  3. Make adjustments, then select the green 'Request Confirmation' button to save your changes.

How to modify a partially confirmed request

If only one of you confirmed the booking, you can still edit the details by declining the request (this will not cancel the booking). Here's how:

1. Select 'Pending Requests' from the app and locate the request you need to modify.

2. Open the service details and select 'Cancel'.

3. At the top of the request, select 'Modify', then edit one or more of the request details.

4. Select 'Save' to finish.

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