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What is auto-availability?

Sometimes Rover may mark your calendar as unavailable if you have several requests for the same dates. This is called auto-availability, and it's a feature that helps make sure no sitter is faced with caring for more pets than they feel comfortable with. It usually kicks in during busy times, like the summer months or holidays, but can apply anytime you’re busy.

Here’s how it works:

  • Depending on your number of available spaces and the number of pending requests in your inbox for the same dates, your profile may be removed from the search results for those dates.

Here's how to become available again:

  • Archive requests you don’t plan to book. This will free up your number of available spaces. Even if you need to archive a request, remember to still reply to the pet owner that you're unable to accept the request, so they know to search for additional sitters.
  • Managing your inbox and archiving requests will get your profile back into the search results so you can keep on attracting booking requests you can accept.

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