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How do I verify my identity?

All sitters are required to complete identity verification through our verification partner, Onfido. To verify your identity, you’ll be prompted to:

  • Upload a good quality, full colour government issued ID (eg. passport, driver’s licence or National ID card). Note: The document must be a jpg or png (note: pdf files are not accepted) with a file size between 32kb and 10mb
  • Take a photo of your face using your computer’s camera, or upload a clear photo of your face from your computer or smartphone that was taken less than 24 hours ago.

Once your identity is verified, your sitter profile will be reviewed by our sitter team within 5 business days.

What to do if your ID verification fails?

ID verification could be declined for the below reasons, please ensure your uploaded documents do not contain any of the following:

  • The document submitted is not one of the documents accepted (eg. National ID card, passport or driver’s license)
  • The document is partially covered or cut off
  • The photo or document is blurry or low resolution
  • You’ve significantly changed your appearance from the photo on your ID
  • The photo includes more than one person (or animals!), or is not a clear passport style headshot
  • The photo is highly edited or stylised
  • The identification document does not include a photo
  • The document has expired

If your ID verification is declined for any of the above reasons, simply re-submit your documents, taking into account the above guidelines. Once your ID verification is approved, you’ll be able to complete your Rover sitter profile.

If you suspect that any of the below 3 reasons caused your ID verification to fail or you continue to experience difficulties, please get in-touch with our Support Team at and we will be happy to assist you with the process:

  1. You're profile name doesn't match the one on your document (first or last name)
  2. You're date of birth doesn't match the one on your document or Rover profile
  3. The uploaded live photo (selfie) is older than 24 hours
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