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How do I become a cat sitter on Rover?

Just interested in taking care of cats? No problem! You'll start your cat sitter profile, just like you would a dog sitter profile.


1. Select the Become a Sitter link at the top of the page.


Here you’ll learn about the perks of becoming a sitter, including the freedom to set your own rates and access to 24/7 emergency support.

2. Select Get Started.

3. Build your profile. The questions will be more dog-focused, so try to respond to these as if they're being asked about cats. To help emphasize to pet parents that you'd like to take care of their cat, make your profile more cat-centric by highlighting your cat experience in your description, headline, pictures, etc.

4. Once your profile is complete and submitted, it'll be sent to our Sitter Team for review.


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