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Introducing locked-in rates

With locked-in rates, sitters have the flexibility of setting specific rates for certain pet owners When you lock in service rates for an owner, those prices will be automatically applied to their future bookings with you.

How to lock a rate

A few things to note about locked-in rates:

  • You can lock in a rate for a pet owner in both the Pending Requests and Past Stays section of your account.
  • Rates are locked in per pet owner by service type. This means that each of the services you offer can have locked-in rates applied specifically to that owner.
  • At this time, locked-in rates can’t be modified from the app. To lock rates for a pet owner, you’ll need to do it from a computer or mobile browser.
  • Rates that are not going to be locked are indicated by an orange warning icon.  

Locking rates from Pending Requests

  1. Select the inbox icon from your account and navigate to the Pending Requests tab.
  2. Locate the pet owner whose rates you want to lock in.
  3. Select the toggle icon next to Lock in your rates for future stays with [Name]. The toggle will turn green to indicate that you’ve successfully locked in rates.
  4. Select Ok to save your changes.


Locking rates from Past Bookings

  1. Open your inbox and select the Past Bookings tab of your booking page.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of a pet owner's booking details and select Lock rates for future stays with [Name].
  3. You’ll see a summary of all the rates that will be locked in for the owner. To finalise your changes, select Lock rates.


Unlocking a rate

If you no longer want to apply locked rates to future bookings for a particular pet owner, navigate to the pet owner's previous booking in the Past Bookings tab. Select Unlock rates.

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