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How much does it cost to book a sitter or dog walker?

Sitters and walkers manage their own rates on Rover, and the total cost of a booking will vary depending on the service, the sitter's rates, and your own booking needs.

To learn more about the different services offered on Rover, check out this article.

Each service has a standard daily rate. This is the base price of a service. Depending on your booking needs, sitters may charge additional rates which will be added to the cost of the booking.

To learn more about each of these additional rates, click on an individual rate from the list below.

Viewing additional rates

Since additional rates can change the total price of a service, it’s a good idea to review your sitter’s rates before you book. To view standard rates and additional rates:

  1. Navigate to the sitter’s profile from your inbox. Under their profile photo, you’ll see a breakdown of standard rates for each service.

  2. Below the list of services, select the Additional Services & Rates icon to see a detailed list of their rates.

Note: Additional rates may vary for each service.  Make sure you review additional rates for each service a sitter offers.

Peak Rates

Holidays are a busy time for both owners and sitters. For this reason, sitter rates may be slightly higher during some in-demand times of the year.

  • 23rd December 2021 - 2nd January 2022 (Christmas 21 and New Year 22)
  • 15th April - 18th April 2022 (Easter)
  • 2nd June - 5th June 2022 (Spring Bank Holiday)
  • 30th July - 30th August 2022 (Summer peak)
  • 23th December 2022 - 1st January 2023 (Christmas 22 and New Year 23)

Note: If part of your booking dates overlaps with a holiday, the sitter's holiday rate will still apply to the entire booking—even if some of the dates within the booking are slightly outside of the holiday ranges listed above.

For example, if you booked a house sitting request from 21st- 26th December, the holiday rate would apply to all dates for that entire booking.

Additional Dog Rate

If you have more than 1 dog who needs care, then sitters may charge an Additional Dog Rate.

Extended Care rate

Rover automatically applies extended care rates to dog boarding or house sitting requests if the pick-up time you selected on the final day is much later than when you dropped off your pet on the first day. This ensures that sitters are compensated for their additional time. 

  • If the extended care is more than 2 hours or up to 8 additional hours, you’ll pay an additional amount that is 50% of the sitter’s nightly rate.

  • If the extended care is more than 8 additional hours, Rover will include an additional charge that is 100% of the sitter’s nightly rate.

Extended Booking Rate

Sitters may apply this rate if you need to extend the stay outside of the confirmed booking dates. 

Puppy Rate

Puppies often require a different level of care than older dogs. If your dog is less than one year old, then some sitters may charge an additional rate for watching or walking your puppy.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Rate

Some sitters may offer to pick up and drop off your pet at the beginning and end of a stay. If you'd like to include this option in your booking, sitters may charge a small fee to accommodate your request.


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