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How do I refer pet owners and earn credit?

Give your friends £15 to use on Rover. When they complete a service, you’ll earn a £15 credit towards your next booking, it’s a win-win! 

How to refer a friend:

1. When logged into your Rover account, select the Give £15, Get £15 button at the top of any page.


2. Choose your referral method: email, Facebook, Twitter, or copy your direct link.

: Friends must sign up through your referral link to receive credit.

3. Follow prompts to refer friends

You can also access this pop-up window while on your dashboard. Simply select the
Invite a Friend button located in the Refer a friend, get £15 box.


Once your friend completes their first service, you'll be emailed a £15 promo code within 24-48 hours that you can upload to your account to use towards your next booking. 

Restrictions: You cannot refer a member of your household or someone with whom you share a pet. You also cannot refer someone who intends to book care for your pet.

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