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What if a client wants to pay me directly, not through the Rover site?

Paying and communicating through Rover is essential to ensuring a safe and secure experience. In fact, it's so important to everyone's security that we made it a requirement in our Terms of Service.

But beyond being a requirement, when a payment takes place outside of Rover, we won't have a record of it. That means your booking won't be covered by the Rover Guarantee or our 24/7 support team. Accepting payments outside of Rover could also lead to account suspensions for both the sitter and the owner.

So, if someone asks to pay you directly—whether that’s via check, cash, wire transfer, or a payment website other than Rover—say no and remind them that paying through Rover keeps everyone’s information secure.


My client insists on paying outside of Rover—what should I do?

If you’re messaging a pet owner and they’re insistent about paying you outside of Rover, you can report the conversation. Simply select this button within your conversation:


This sort of thing doesn’t happen often, but it’s always a good idea to be prepared. Practicing a few simple safety measures can only do great things for your pet-sitting business.


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