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What if a sitter or dog walker isn't the right fit?

Your pet is a member of your family, so finding a sitter or dog walker who’s the right fit is key. Always go with your gut. Whether you’re just getting the conversation started or you’ve already had your Meet & Greet, you’re the best person to decide who the right sitter or dog walker is for your pet.

For example: You have an older dog who likes to take it easy. At your Meet & Greet, the sitter mentions taking their Rover dogs hiking. You could respond with, “You seem like such a caring sitter, but I think Buddy needs someone with a more laid-back lifestyle.”


How to Cancel a Booked Service

Did you book a service and now need to cancel? No problem.

  1. Navigate to your Inbox by selecting the conversation icon.
  2. Select the Upcoming Stays tab and then select the request you want to cancel.

    Upcoming inbox UK.png

  3. Once the request is open, locate the gray box that lists your service details. Select cancel.

    Cancel:modify O UK.png

  4. Select from the dropdown why you are cancelling this booking. Depending on the reason, your booking will be cancelled or forwarded to Rover Support, who will process the cancellation request.

    Cancel booking drop down UK.png

  5. Select Cancel booking or Request cancellation.


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